Madumo, a Man Bewitched

Madumo, a Man Bewitched EPUB

Madumo, a Man Bewitched
No one answered when I tapped at the back door of Madumos home on Mphahlele Street a few days after my return to Soweto, so I pushed the buckling red door in a screeching grind of metal over concrete and entered calling, Hallo?So begins this true story of witchcraft and friendship set against the turbulent backdrop of contemporary Soweto. Adam Ashforth, an Australian wh

Anthropology For Dummies(For Dummies) EPUB

Anthropology For Dummies(For Dummies)
Covers the latest competing theories in the field Get a handle on the fundamentals of biological and cultural anthropologyWhen did the first civilizations arise? How many human languages exist? The answers are found in anthropology - and this friendly guide explains its concepts in clear detail. Youll see how anthropology developed as a science, what it tells us about our