John Currin: New Paintings

John Currin: New Paintings EPUB

John Currin: New Paintings
One of the leading figurative painters of his generation, Currins influences range from Italian and Northern Renaissance paintings to popular illustrations from the mid-20th century. Whether portraits of older women, buxom girls, nudes with elongated bodies, or group scenes of domestic life, his works are characterized by baroque gestures, loose brushstrokes, unorthodox p

Art in Theory 1900-2000: An Anthology of Changing Ideas EPUB

Art in Theory 1900-2000: An Anthology of Changing Ideas
This popular anthology of twentieth-century art theoretical texts has now been expanded to take account of new research, and to include significant contributions to art theory from the 1990s.New edition of this popular anthology of twentieth-century art-theoretical texts. Now updated to include the results of new research, together with significant contributions from the 1

J.W. Waterhouse EPUB

J.W. Waterhouse
John William Waterhouse is among the most popular Victorian artists and many of his paintings, such as The Lady of Shallot, Hylas and the Nymphs and Ophelia, have become icons of femininity recognized the world over. With their compelling composition, glowing colour and Impressionist-inflected technique, these paintings are admired for their beauty, yet at the same time th

The Book of Dolores EPUB

The Book of Dolores
William T. Vollmann has travelled to Soviet-occupied Afghanistan with Islamic commandos, shivered out a solitary stretch at the North Magnetic Pole in winter, hopped freight trains, studied the stately ancient beauties of Japanese Noh theater, and made friends with street prostitutes all over the world—all in the interest of learning a little more about life. Now in his mi

Draw the Looney Tunes EPUB

Draw the Looney Tunes
Warner Bros. and Chronicle Books proudly present Draw the Looney Tunes. For years, this was the textbook used by in-house artists to learn the ropes at Warner Bros. This exclusive edition brings the book to the general public for the very first time. But in no way have we stripped it down. Were not kwazy. Weve left all the bells and whistles in place: vellum overlays, la

Historia de la pintura EPUB

Historia de la pintura
For those whove enjoyed the original, the good news is that the new edition of The Story of Painting has grown by more than 300 pages of photographs--magnified close-ups of details from nearly half the 450 paintings in the book. Fauvist paint strokes become mighty slabs; sparkling light on a Dutch still life is revealed as a series of tiny dots; the cheeks of a young man

Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture EPUB

Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture
Art is big business, with some artists able to command huge sums of money for their works, while the vast majority are ignored or dismissed by critics. This book shows that these marginalised artists, the dark matter of the art world, are essential to the survival of the mainstream and that they frequently organize in opposition to it.Gregory Sholette, a politically enga

Trompe LOeil Murals Using Stencils EPUB

Trompe LOeil Murals Using Stencils
With the advent of laser-cut plastic stencils, home decorators and hobbyists can now find hundreds of inexpensive and easy-to-use stencils for creating stunning illusions on walls, floors and ceilings.

A World History Of Art EPUB

A World History Of Art
Presents various developments in archeology and art historical research. This book offers a fresh perspective on various developments shaping our cultural history.

Beginners Guide to Sketching: Characters, Creatures and Concepts EPUB

Beginners Guide to Sketching: Characters, Creatures and Concepts
The ability to sketch confidently is an integral part to the beginning of any concept artist’s workflow! The Beginner’s Guide to Sketching: Characters, Creatures and Concepts teaches the fundamentals of sketching, showing how important concept sketching is to artists of all levels. Established artists such as Rovina Cai, Justin Gerard, Nick Harris, and Rebeca Puebla explai

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