Under By Duress(Surrender Collection 1)

Under By Duress(Surrender Collection 1) EPUB

Under By Duress(Surrender Collection 1)
She caught him. Now she has to turn him in.Following a devastating break up from her ex Dom, Tahima has escaped to the Blue Ridge Mountains for some badly needed solitude. When a Mafia heir wanted for murder crashes into her life, she determines to turn him in. Her only option is to force him down the mountain to the local Sheriffs office – a mission fraught with danger

The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage EPUB

The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage
From ornately decorative to excruciatingly stringent, Japanese rope bondage is an art which has developed over centuries of martial and erotic practice. Now, accomplished Japanese-born pro-domme and bondage practitioner Midori shows step by step how to achieve beautiful and exciting Japanese bondage on a variety of genders and body types.Each chapter starts with a spectacu

Safe Word(Carrie’s Story 2) EPUB

Safe Word(Carrie’s Story 2)
From the author of Carries Story comes the continuing tale of a young woman’s uncompromising sexual adventure. Carrie leaves Jonathan, the S/M master who initiated her into a life of slave auctions, training regimes, and human “ponies” preening for dressage competitions. Whisked away to Greece by the demanding gentleman who has chosen her as his own, she learns new, more

Haileys Game(Cattlemans Club 2) EPUB

Haileys Game(Cattlemans Club 2)
Cole Jackson and Kyle Harding haven’t got any doubts that Hailey Mathews is up to something, but they ain’t worried. They have their own wicked intentions and the full confidence that one little woman doesn’t stand a chance against two Cattlemen.Hailey has had enough. Enough of Kyle and his smooth charm. Enough of Cole and his provocations. Not about to trust that either C

Bound Obsession(Club Taboo 1) EPUB

Bound Obsession(Club Taboo 1)
WARNING: This BDSM Erotic Fantasy Will Have You Melting Like Butter In The Sun! Bound Obsession Will Rock Your World and Awaken Your Innermost Fantasies Abigail Fuller is flat broke and terrified. Heeding the advice of her best friend, she enters Club Taboo in the role of a full-service escort.Catching the eye of Patrick Dorson, she is swiftly driven into a world of pl

Under By Treaty(Qui Treaty Collection 0) EPUB

Under By Treaty(Qui Treaty Collection 0)
He’s hers by treaty. She wants his devotion.General Jaden is a thorn in the Qui’s side. Ambassador Sonil is on Earth to extract him by treaty. When Jaden is stripped naked then caged, he gets a taste of how far she will go to ensure he is worthy of serving the Qui Empress. Her training is ruthless and alien rules apply. Failure is not an option; saving Earth from annihil


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