Heaven Cent(Xanth 11)

Heaven Cent(Xanth 11) EPUB

Heaven Cent(Xanth 11)
In the mind of Xanths precious shapeshifting Prince Dolph, the perfect way to see the world is to search for the missing sorcerer, Humfrey. Setting off with his faithful companion, Marrow, an enchanted skeleton, Dolph will penetrate an island of illusion, escape a goblin kingdom, outwit a husband-hungry mermaid, save Marrow from bone-starved harpies, and find romance with

Loved by the Dragon(Stonefire Dragons 6) EPUB

Loved by the Dragon(Stonefire Dragons 6)
**This is not a standalone story. Please read at least Seducing the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons 2) first.**STONEFIRE DRAGONS 6In Seducing the Dragon, Evie and Bram found love in each other. Many trials have hit their clan since their mating ceremony and they’ve worked together to make the world a better place for Stonefire and other dragon-shifters in the UK.However, as

Once Upon A Time (The New Fairy Tales Book 1) EPUB

Once Upon A Time (The New Fairy Tales Book 1)
Seven magical stories based on the original tales you thought you knew...In this cross-genre collection, you will discover retellings that will reminisce of your childhood, and those that will explore the darker side of the brothers Grimm. Traditional, modern, fantasy, and horror abound in this diverse group of stories sure to please those who love fairytales with a twist

Praemortis: Dioses de Carne(Praemortis 1) EPUB

Praemortis: Dioses de Carne(Praemortis 1)
?Como seria nuestro mundo si cada ser humano supiera que destino le aguarda tras la muerte?En Praemortis los hombres han decidido olvidar cualquier promesa de vida futura que ofrecen las religiones y se centran en disfrutar su vida presente.El Dr. Veldecker, buscando una cura para su hijo, descubre una formula que hace que los pacientes traspasen la frontera de la vida mor

Talker 25(Talker 25 1) EPUB

Talker 25(Talker 25 1)
Debut author Joshua McCunes gritty and heart-pounding novel is a masterful reimagining of popular dragon fantasy set in a militant future reminiscent of Paolo Bacigalupis Ship Breaker and Ann Aguirres Outpost. The Horn Book called it absolutely gripping and absolutely horrifying.Its a high-school prank gone horribly wrong—sneaking onto the rez to pose next to a sleep

Ravens of Avalon(Avalon 6) EPUB

Ravens of Avalon(Avalon 6)
Discover the dawn of the mythical legend of Avalon in the long-awaited prequel to Marion Zimmer Bradley?s The Forest HouseDiana L. Paxson expands Marion Zimmer Bradley?s beloved and bestselling Avalon series in a dramatic new installment. Marion Zimmer Bradley?s Ravens of Avalon is the prequel to The Forest House and tells the story of the Roman conquest of Britain and t

Rechicero(Discworld 5) EPUB

Rechicero(Discworld 5)
En el desquiciado Mundodisco nace un brujo. No se trata de un brujo cualquiera, sino de uno tan poderoso que tendra capacidad para destruir el mundo. Alguien debe impedirlo. Pero ?quien? El resto de los brujos no puede competir con el. Sin embargo, cuando todos los caminos parecen cerrarse, surge una remota posibilidad de salvacion.

Three Days to Dead(Dreg City 1) EPUB

Three Days to Dead(Dreg City 1)
They’ll never see her coming. . . .When Evangeline Stone wakes up naked and bruised on a cold slab at the morgue—in a stranger’s body, with no memory of who she is and how she got there—her troubles are only just beginning. Before that night she and the two other members of her Triad were the city’s star bounty hunters, mercilessly cleansing the city of the murderous creat

The Complete Arrows Trilogy(Valdemar: Arrows of the Queen 1–3 Omnibus) EPUB

The Complete Arrows Trilogy(Valdemar: Arrows of the Queen 1–3 Omnibus)
Together for the first time in a single volume, The Complete Arrows Trilogy is the adventure that launched Valdemar, Mercedes Lackey’s expansive fantasy realm beloved by generations of readers.Talia, once a runaway, is Chosen by the Companion Rolan, a mystical horse-like being with powers beyond imagining. She becomes one of the great Heralds of Valdemar, a protector of th

La estrella EPUB

La estrella
Los ojos del muchacho brillaron con intensidad, anunciando la inminente ruptura de La Quietud. Lan sabia que tocar a un Caminante de La Estrella estaba prohibido, pero ahora ya no habia vuelta atras y sus destinos estaban irremediablemente unidos.Hace siglos, una catastrofe convirtio el Linde en un lugar hostil; desde entonces, los supervivientes han aprendido a vivir aisl

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