Icelandic Folktales Legends

Icelandic Folktales  Legends EPUB

Icelandic Folktales Legends
This book of 85 stories from medieval Iceland illustrates a variety of supernatural beliefs concerning elves, gigantic trolls, water monsters, ghosts, wizards, and black magic rites, buried treasure, and religious tales. The stories are intimately linked to the landscape and reflect the hopes, fears, hardships, and preoccupations of everyday life. The translation of each t

Coyote Speaks: Wonders of the Native American World EPUB

Coyote Speaks: Wonders of the Native American World
A one-of-a-kind compilation of beliefs, stories, and cultural artifacts from Native American tribes.Coyote Speaks explains how to look at and appreciate Native American culture. For thousands of years, tribal ways and wisdom have been passed down in story, song, dance, and art from elder to child, from tribe to tribe, and from Native peoples to the world at large. This bo