Anne of Austria

Anne of Austria EPUB

Anne of Austria
The fictitious story of Anne, Queen of France, wife of Louis XIII, and popularly thought to have been the mistress of Richelieu. It is further thought that he was the father of Louis XIV.

The Actual & Truthful Adventures of Becky Thatcher EPUB

The Actual & Truthful Adventures of Becky Thatcher
In 1860, eleven-year-old Becky Thatcher is the new girl in town, determined to have adventures like she promised her brother Jon before he died. With her Mama frozen in grief and her Daddy busy as town judge, Becky spends much of her time on her own, getting into mischief. Before long, she joins the boys at school in a bet to steal from the Widow Douglas, and Becky convinc

The Beltane Choice (1, Celtic Fervour Series) EPUB

The Beltane Choice (1, Celtic Fervour Series)
AD 71.Banished from the nemeton, becoming a priestess is no longer the future for Nara, a princess of the Selgovae tribe. Now charged with choosing a suitable mate before Beltane, her plan is thwarted by Lorcan, an enemy Brigante prince, who captures her and takes her to his hill fort. Despite their tribes fighting each other, Nara feels drawn to her captor, but time runs

When Jesus Wept(The Jerusalem Chronicles 1) EPUB

When Jesus Wept(The Jerusalem Chronicles 1)
LAZARUS—the man Jesus raised from the dead in one of the most extraordinary encounters with The Living Savior in all of Scripture. But the life of Lazarus holds interest well beyond this miraculous event. Living in Bethany, near Jerusalem, Lazarus witnessed many of the most important events of Jesus’s life and ministry.Lazarus owned a vineyard and devoted his life to carin

O Tempo Entre Costuras EPUB

O Tempo Entre Costuras
«O Tempo entre Costuras» e a historia de Sira Quiroga, uma jovem modista empurrada pelo destino para um arriscado compromisso; sem aviso, os pespontos e alinhavos do seu oficio convertem-se na fachada para missoes obscuras que a enleiam num mundo de glamour e paixoes, riqueza e miseria mas tambem de vitorias e derrotas, de conspiracoes historicas e politicas, de espias.Um

Wedded to War(Heroines Behind the Lines: Civil War 1) EPUB

Wedded to War(Heroines Behind the Lines: Civil War 1)
A Christy Award-nominated title for best new author.When war erupted, she gave up a life of privilege for a life of significance.Tending to the army’s sick and wounded meant leading a life her mother does not understand and giving up a handsome and approved suitor. Yet Charlotte chooses a life of service over privilege, just as her childhood friend had done when he became

The Rose of Sebastopol EPUB

The Rose of Sebastopol
The 1 UK bestseller comes to America -- a sweeping historical novel about love, war, betrayal, and discovery.In 1854, beautiful, adventurous Rosa Barr travels to the Crimean battlefield with Florence Nightingales nursing corps. A headstrong idealist, longing to break out of the rigid confines of life as a young lady, Rosa is determined to make a difference in the world.F

Revolutionary EPUB

“A remarkable novel” (The New York Times) about America’s first female soldier, Deborah Sampson Gannett, who ran away from home in 1782, successfully disguised herself as a man, and fought valiantly in the Revolutionary War.At a time when rigid societal norms seemed absolute, Deborah Sampson risked everything in search of something better. Revolutionary, Alex Myers’s richl

A Gentleman in Moscow EPUB

A Gentleman in Moscow
In 1922 Count Rostov is deemed an unrepentant aristocrat by a Bolshevik tribunal He is sentenced to house arrest in The Metropol a grand hotel across the street from the Kremlin. Rostov an indomitable man of erudition and wit has never worked a day in his life and must now live in an attic room while some of the most tumultuous decades in Russian history are unfolding outs

Ramses: The Eternal Temple(Ramses 2) EPUB

Ramses: The Eternal Temple(Ramses 2)
The splendor and danger of ancient Egypt continues in the second volume of this magnificent saga. For Ramses, the Son of Light, the coronation has arrived. Now he will learn whether the friends of his youth--people such as Moses and the aging Greek poet, Homer--can truly be trusted. Shaanar, the young kings scheming older brother, still has designs on the crown, and in th

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