This Blinding Absence of Light

This Blinding Absence of Light EPUB

This Blinding Absence of Light
A shocking story set in Moroccos desert concentration camps, from the Prix Goncourt-winning novelist. An immediate and critically acclaimed bestseller in France, This Blinding Absence of Light is Tahar Ben Jellouns crafting of a horrific real-life narrative into a work of fiction. In this deeply moving novel, says LExpress, Tahar Ben Jelloun has chosen imagination as

Festa di sangue EPUB

Festa di sangue
En la novela Yawar Fiesta (Fiesta sangrienta), Jose Maria Arguedas llega a configurar un estilo en el el milenario idioma quechua logra transir el castellano y convertirse en un medio de expresion suficiente y libre para refeljar las kazanas, el pensamiento, los amores y odios del pueblo andino de ascendencia hispanoindia; no solo de la multitud de habla quechua monolingue

Granada EPUB

Radwa Ashour skillfully weaves a history of Granadan rule and an Arabic world into a novel that evokes cultural loss and the disappearance of a vanquished population. The novel follows the family of Abu Jaafar, the bookbinderhis wife, widowed daughter-in-law, her two children, and his two apprenticesas they witness Christopher Columbus and his entourage in a triumphant par

Absinth EPUB

In Absinth, you ll meet three main characters trying to figure out their life on the backdrop of the upcoming Apocalypse: Iris, a fortune-teller who cannot see not the future but weirdly anachronistic versions of the past; Sid Saperstein, a shameless huckster chosen to publish a sacred manuscript whose message will shake heaven and earth alike; Hermes, the Greek messenger