Written for You

Written for You EPUB

Written for You
Somebody must have suggested Bob Curry write a book. He didn’t just wake up one morning with the idea. Or did he? Well at least working in a publishing company he should have no problem finding people to read it. Or will he? Read along as this dark comedic play moves quickly to an epic conclusion. Will you enjoy reading a play? Of course you will don’t forget it is and wil

The Diary of Anne Frank: And Related Readings EPUB

The Diary of Anne Frank: And Related Readings
There are 10 reading parts.

The Tragedy of Mister Morn EPUB

The Tragedy of Mister Morn
Morn, a masked king, rules over a realm to which he has restored order after a violent revolution. Secretly in love with Midia, the wife of a banished revolutionary, Morn finds himself facing renewed bloodshed and disaster when Midias husband returns, provoking a duel and the return of chaos that Morn has fought so hard to prevent.The first major work and the only play of

Orphee EPUB

Le mythe dOrphee, revisite par Jean Cocteau, prend un tour pour le moins leger et fantaisiste: loin du drame antique, la piece de Cocteau joue sur lanachronisme, le spectaculaire et linsolite grace a dextraordinaires effets sceniques et a de savoureux dialogues.Cette piece, dune etonnante originalite, a ete creee au Theatre des Arts a Paris le 17 juin 1926.

The Lieutenant of Inishmore EPUB

The Lieutenant of Inishmore
A farcical look at political violence as its played out during The Troubles in Northern Ireland against the drab backdrop of a bare, rustic Irish cottage and unending boredom in an inhospitable environment in which a mutilated cat sets off a murderous cycle of revenge.The second play in Martin McDonaghs dramatic trilogy, it is a wildly funny and gruesome portrayal of an

The Alchemist and Other Plays EPUB

The Alchemist and Other Plays
This edition brings together Jonsons four great comedies Volpone, Epicene, The Alchemist, and Bartholomew Fair. The texts of these plays have all been newly edited for this volume, and are presented with modernized spelling. Stage directions have been added to help actors and directors reconstruct the play the way it would have been performed in the seventeenth century, a

Wit - Acting Edition EPUB

Wit - Acting Edition
Book annotation not available for this title.

Medea EPUB

Ahls translations of three Senecan tragedies will gratify and challenge readers and performers. With stage performance specifically in mind, Ahl renders Senecas dramatic force in a modern idiom and style that move easily between formality and colloquialism as the text demands, and he strives to reproduce the richness of the original Latin, to retain the poetic form, imag

Steel Magnolias (DPS Acting Edition) EPUB

Steel Magnolias (DPS Acting Edition)
Presents the script of a 1988 play about a group of women in Chinquapin, Louisiana, who learn to draw upon their underlying strength and love to meet the challenges of life.

Waiting for Godot: A Tragicomedy in Two Acts EPUB

Waiting for Godot: A Tragicomedy in Two Acts
From an inauspicious beginning at the tiny Left Bank Theatre de Babylone in 1953, followed by bewilderment among American and British audiences, Waiting for Godot has become of the most important and enigmatic plays of the past fifty years and a cornerstone of twentieth-century drama. As Clive Barnes wrote, “Time catches up with genius … Waiting for Godot is one of the mas

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