Dark Harbor: A Poem

Dark Harbor: A Poem EPUB

Dark Harbor: A Poem
In his Prize-winning collection, Strands poems are filled with portent and authority, but many are also, unexpectedly, even miraculously, funny. A celebrity poet pulls up in a limousine to cheers of adulation; a lone dog contemplates philosophy. The poem The Delirium Waltz is actually physically dizzying in its simple splendor and formal virtuosity -- the lines keep rep

The Poetry of Solitude: A Tribute to Edward Hopper EPUB

The Poetry of Solitude: A Tribute to Edward Hopper
This volume, collected and introduced by Gail Levin, combines for the first time classic pictures by Edward Hopper and the poems they inspired. His much-loved Nighthawks and House by the Railroad are gathered along with many other favorites that have captured poets imagination. The wide range of poets whose writings pay tribute to this great artist:William CarpenterAnne B

The Floating Man EPUB

The Floating Man
A debut poetry collection of great depth and originalityAppropriately for a book haunted by music, Katherine Towers poems exhibit an almost pianistic sense of timing, touch and tone. In The Floating Man, Towers writes about weight and weightlessness, presence and absence, the body in space, and our oblique relationship with the natural world; she is expert at registeri

Birthday Letters EPUB

Birthday Letters
Formerly Poet Laureate to Queen Elizabeth II, the late Ted Hughes (1930-98) is recognized as one of the few contemporary poets whose work has mythic scope and power. And few episodes in postwar literature have the legendary stature of Hughess romance with, and marriage to, the great American poet Sylvia Plath.The poems in Birthday Letters are addressed (with just two exce

Duppy Conqueror: New and Selected Poems EPUB

Duppy Conqueror: New and Selected Poems
“Dawes’s verse has an expressive power and lyric resonance that can be attributed to a trans-Atlantic consciousness weaned on the spiritual sources of reggae.”—New York Times Book Review“Raised in Jamaica, Dawes takes some of his cues, and this book’s title, from reggae music. But his voice in these long and short poems and sequences selected from each of his many books, w

Poppy Road Review (Annual Edition 2012) EPUB

Poppy Road Review (Annual Edition 2012)
Poppy Road Reviews Annual Edition, 2012, features the fine poetry of Lindsey Bellosa, Sandy Benitez, Nina Bennett, Byron Beynon, Isaac Black, Rose Mary Boehm, Harry Calhoun, Joan L. Cannon, Valentina Cano, Joan Colby, Corey Cook, Sarah Crewe, Jim Davis, Kristina England, Gary Glauber, John Grey, Craig A. Hart, A.J. Huffman, M.J. Iuppa, Peycho Kanev, Steve Klepetar, Duane

Letters, Summer 1926 EPUB

Letters, Summer 1926
Edited by Yevgeny Pasternak, Yelena Pasternak, and Konstantin M. AzadovskyThe summer of 1926 was a time of trouble and uncertainty for each of the three poets whose correspondence is collected in this moving volume. Marina Tsvetayeva was living in exile in France and struggling to get by. Boris Pasternak was in Moscow, trying to come to terms with the new Bolshevik regime.

Paper Children EPUB

Paper Children
Mariana Marin’s politically charged poems are here translated by Adam Sorkin, a well-known specialist in twentieth-century Romanian literature. Marin was the poet maudit of her generation and a prominent member of Bucharest literary society. Her poems, rich with metaphoric language and symbolism, are pained cries for justice in an unjust society. Marin is an excellent intr

Hearts Needle EPUB

Hearts Needle

Prodigal: New and Selected Poems, 1976 to 2014 EPUB

Prodigal: New and Selected Poems, 1976 to 2014
In her first book of collected work, prize-winning poet Linda Gregerson mines nearly forty years of poetry, bringing us a full range of her talents.Ten new poems introduce Prodigal, followed by fifty poems, culled from Gregersons five collections, that range broadly in subject from class in America to our worlds ravaged environment to the wonders of parenthood to the in

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