Girlwood EPUB

Polly Greene has always been considered strange, a girl who can see a person’s true colors, a thirteen-year-old more comfortable foraging in the woods with her eccentric grandmother than hanging out with friends. But all that is about to change when Polly’s older sister, Bree, vanishes into the woods. The only one who believes Bree can survive, Polly begins to leave food i

Trinkets EPUB

Sixteen-year-old Moes Shoplifters Anonymous meetings are usually punctuated by the snores of an old man and the whining of the worlds unhappiest housewife. Until the day that Tabitha Foster and Elodie Shaw walk in. Tabitha has just about everything she wants: money, friends, popularity, a hot boyfriend who worships her...and clearly a yen for stealing. So does Elodie, wh

Induction Day(Butterman Travel series 2) EPUB

Induction Day(Butterman Travel series 2)
The year 2069 is coming to a close, and eighteen-year-old Bianca Buttermans time-craft license is finally official. Shes ready for the Induction Day shes waited for since she was a kid-the one that will secure her name on the Butterman family tree of time travelers. But ever since the media discovered Bianca is pop superstar Tristan Helms latest new honey, everything B

El cielo esta en cualquier lugar EPUB

El cielo esta en cualquier lugar
Lennie Walker tiene diecisiete anos y vive con su tio Big, y su abuela, Abu, y ha perdido a su hermana mayor, Bailey, hace poco menos de un mes, fallecida repentina e inesperadamente debido a un problema cardiaco. La madre de Lennie y Bailey, Paige, las abandono hace mucho; la familia vive de las flores que cultiva Abu y de una empresa informal de catering en la que Lennie

Runner EPUB

But the weather-beaten sailboat Chance Taylor and his father call home is thirty years old and hasna€™t sailed in years. One step from both homelessness and hunger, Chance worries about things other kids his age never give a thought: Where will the money come for the electricity bill, grocery bill, and moorage fees? So when a new job falls his way, he jumps at the opportun

Alibi Junior High EPUB

Alibi Junior High
Alias for middle-grade readers!Thirteen-year-old Cody Saron speaks five languages and has traveled to every corner of the globe with his father, an undercover CIA agent. Cody knows how to pick a lock or follow a trail, but he has no idea how to fit in with regular kids, or how to make it through a day of junior high. When the danger surrounding Cody’s dad heats up, Cody i

The Last Little Blue Envelope(Little Blue Envelope 2) EPUB

The Last Little Blue Envelope(Little Blue Envelope 2)
Ginny Blackstone spent last summer traveling around Europe, following the tasks her aunt laid out in a series of letters before she died. When someone stole Ginnys backpack and the last little blue envelope inside she resigned herself to never knowing how the adventure was supposed to end.Now a mysterious boy has contacted Ginny from London, saying hes found her bag. Fin

Jackaroo(Tales of the Kingdom 1) EPUB

Jackaroo(Tales of the Kingdom 1)
There is much want in the kingdom and the tales of Jackaroo, the masked outlaw who helps the poor in times of trouble, are on everyones lips. Gwyn, the innkeepers lively daughter, pays little attention to the tales. But when she is stranded during a snowstorm in a cabin with the lordling Gaderian, and finds a strange garment that resembles the costume Jackaroo is said to

Dawn and Too Many Sitters(The Baby-Sitters Club 98) EPUB

Dawn and Too Many Sitters(The Baby-Sitters Club 98)
Dawn and her brother, Jeff, are back in Stoneybrook for the summer. And if that werent enough excitement, the Baby-sitters have a school trip to Hawaii on the horizon. The girls need to make a ton of money. . .in only a month!In fact, the BSC has taken on so many jobs, they need help. So when Jeff and the Pike triplets catch the baby-sitting bug and want to become BSC mem

Huber Hill and the Dead Mans Treasure(Huber Hill 1) EPUB

Huber Hill and the Dead Mans Treasure(Huber Hill 1)
Hubers life goes from bad to terrible when his grandfather dies---until he opens Grandpa Nicks mysterious box. An old gold coin and a treasure map rocket him and his friends into a mind-blowing adventure, but hes not the only one on the hunt. Filled with dangerous animals and cryptic puzzles, this book will have you on the edge of your seat until the last page.

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